Storing Food And Cooking In A Motorhome

Should you plan ahead to make a menu that would be wise. The food you pack on your trip takes some thought. Most of them have refrigerators, freezers, and stove tops but it is not solution. A small fridge will not keep meat and dairy fresh for long as the average refrigerator. It is best to to pack homemade or canned food before you leave and then buy the meat, dairy, and produce when you need it.

Now your menu will list the meals you want to make and you should buy as many of the basics for the recipes. Items such as flour, sugar, salt, baking soda, and spices should be in your stash before you depart. They are more expensive at the small grocery stores. Put them in an air tight container.

Dried foods are another must for your travels. They provide basic nutrition and there is no preparation required. Rice, beans, and pasta are useful for meals. Other considerations are dried fruit and vegetables, powdered milk, and noodle soup cups. Canned tuna is a good source for protein. Canned soup and jars of sauce are suitable for making a quick meal. If you are planning a cookout or final dinner celebration, pay special attention to picky eaters and certain diets. Make a copy of your calendar to have at a glance if memory fails you. One-dish meals are the way to simplicity.

If at all possible, use a crock pot and favorite no-hassle meals. Spaghetti with garlic bread and salad is an option for a filling dinner. Chili with condiments is another classic feast. Lasagna and casseroles already baked will save time. For the cold nights, soup and bread will provide a warm meal. Now, do not forget drinks and snacks in between these meals. Health food stores usually stock items that will store well. Check the labels to make sure there are no food allergies. You may be having so much fun on your adventure that you may need to eat leftovers. Biscuit mix is great for pancakes and waffles too. Cooked chicken breasts can be stretched for two or three meals.

Give mom a break and pick up some meals ready to eat at an Army-Navy surplus or camping store. The most important thing that will keep everything organized is the shopping list. Makes copies from websites or recipe cards

Selecting The Right Location In Which To Boondock Including the Legal Aspects

Isn’t it great that your RV has the basic necessities; cooking, sleeping arrangements, shower, and toilet? You can relax right? You can pick a spot to park and turn in for the night. Well, dear travelers there may be additional costs to stay in a RV park. What do you expect from a park? Are you satisfied with water and electricity or do you need more? Food for a barbeque? Will the internet, friends, and the newspaper give you the info you seek? If you need free parking Walmart, welcomes RVers in their space. There is no official policy for overnight parking and they leave it to the individual store’s discretion. There may be signs posted if the local ordinance restricts it. Camping World is another popular choice. Kmart is renowned as setting the precedent to encourage RVers to stay overnight.

Other malls may allow it too. Truck stops are free, if you don’t mind the noise of the semi trucks arriving and departing. A large chain called Travel Centers of America or Flying J have areas in their parking lots specially reserved for motor homes. A small town who wants to attract tourists will offer a free night in a city-sponsored park or campground. They hope you will spend money and little towns in West Texas extend this courtesy. Overnight stays and long-term parking both need clarification of rules. The first is exercise discretion. Do not draw attention to yourself. No lawn chairs or awnings. If you are not a tourist your best stop is a rest area. The police will not interrogate you unless you are breaking the law. Ask permission at smaller malls and restaurants. It may work in your favor if you buy something.

Some motels are OK without security on the premises. If a park closes at dark, it is usually to keep the crazies out. Gambling casinos might permit it if you first go in and check if you need a coupon or free RV site. Read the signs at museums about their rules for day use. Places to avoids no matter what:downtown and other areas are places where drug deals are made and thugs hang out. Churches often have unsavory activities at any hour. If you see beer bottles on an off road there is probably a drunk around. Tourist attractions should be a fair distance from the RV park. You should have at least five demands mapped out. Call the RV parks and inquire about about any new deals or facilities featured.

Pick a place you would likely visit during the day. Well lit areas, signs of fellow RVers are good. Always make sure you are not blocking traffic. Use your GPS, time your journey, and arriving before the sun sets will give you time to acquaint yourself with the sleeping quarters. Walk your dog before dark. Do a quick safety check and lock up outside storage.

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